In 1938 a group of Nazi mystics conducted a ritual to re-ignite the force of magic in the universe. The results were more dramatic and uncontrolled than anything they could ever have expected. The very laws of physics and probability were distorted and deformed, and within weeks people around the world began developing abilities that had hitherto seemed impossible. For better and worse, a new age had dawned…

CHAMPIONS: The Fellowship is an online superhero RPG conducted using Skype and Maptool. It uses the Hero System 6th Edition ruleset, with some house rules and adaptations mostly made to facilitate play in an online environment.

The setting of the game is a slightly modified version of the published Champions Universe as it is documented in the 6th Edition sourcebook of the same name. Familiarity with the setting is not strictly necessary but is strongly recommended. For most purposes, the setting of the Champions Online game is almost identical; the MMORPG, which is free to play, will familiarize players with most of the unique organizations and characters of the setting. The basics of the setting can be looked up here.

Player characters will be superheroic members of an eclectic superhero team called The Fellowship, which is based in the suburbs of Millenium City (which is the real-world city of Detroit, after the same was demolished and rebuilt after a supervillain battle that took place in 1992.)

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CHAMPIONS: The Fellowship

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